22 February 2011

bunting bunting bunting

can't resist bunting! here is some more (in roses & cream colours) available for sale on etsy.com

19 February 2011

new items for sale on etsy.com! 

hearts & ribbons gift tags, and paper & ribbon bunting
now on sale online at etsy.com

27 January 2011

etsy team mexico!

turns out there is a group of etsy sellers, all based in mexico, trying to share ideas and meet occasionally.
i went to a meeting in cuernavaca last week, and it was really lovely to meet other etsy sellers, see what they make and share tips (especially on postage!).  we want to market ourselves more widely, and show what a wonderful range of things is being made and sold from people based in mexico.

do check out the site, and have a look at other individual sellers in our team:  http://www.etsy.com/teams/7321/etsy-team-mexico

19 January 2011

new year update!

new year, new ambitions.  tallying up at the end of last year - approx. 120 cards and 80 gift tags sold between september and december 2010. not bad!

now back to trying to sell more via the shop on www.etsy.com (see www.etsy.com/shop/lorisandb)
hearts cards now listed for sale, paper bunting to follow.  but first - working on a more professional looking 'shop'! first stop - the banner:

check it out 'etsy' size on the loris & b etsy shop page (link above).

13 December 2010

wedding project II - guest book

first non-card related project!  a loris & b style wedding guest book cover - made of silk dupion, decorated with mini-fabric bunting, and names/date details on edged card.

possibly another one for etsy.com in the new year....


wedding project I - cards 

new cards, created for a good friend's beautiful winter wedding.

one thought is to sell these designs on etsy.com in the new year, as valentines cards - but there is no specific target market for these yet (nor are they on sale anywhere):

tis the season!

at last! some photos of christmas cards - on sale at gabinete, conejo blanco (condesa) & conejo blanco (san angel):