31 October 2010

now online at etsy.com!

further to the previous post, there's now a (very small) loris & b shop on etsy.com, selling a small selection of cards in packs of 3, and gift tags in packs of 5.

do check it out!  www.lorisandb.etsy.com

25 October 2010

the original bunting!

seen here in situ on a lovely sunny autumn day in dorridge, not all that far from where it was originally deployed...

onwards & upwards

right, it's this week or never - etsy.com, here we come!

just one problem - to register as a seller, usernames need to be alphanumeric and, it seems, don't have spaces (though you can use CAPS to distinguish words).

"loris&b" is not allowed;
"lorisandb" doesn't really work; and
"LorisAndB" looks odd.

any thoughts??

19 October 2010

loris and rabbit no. 2

delightfully, on returning from england (having stocked up on some beautiful papers from cath kidston, paperchase & oliver bonas) the other branch of conejo blanco has asked for cards too.  this is the branch at museo de arte carillo gil (av. revolucion 1608, san angel).

in the meantime, it's about time to upload more photos.  they're more or less the same designs, but show some of the pretty new papers and colours:


18 October 2010

back from hols!  
and for anyone wondering what a loris actually is...

this is a slender loris (loris tardigradus), a primate related to lemurs.  and of course, there is that video on youtube of a slow loris being tickled... here it is again: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9f-6jygRJk